ex|ten|sion [ ık`stenʃən ] noun ***
▸ 1 extra time allowed
▸ 2 telephone line
▸ 3 extra part added
▸ 4 something added to something long
▸ 5 development of idea etc.
▸ 6 stretching of body part
▸ 7 increase in power
▸ 8 special classes
▸ 9 computer file name
1. ) count extra time you are given to finish a piece of work, especially at college:
extension on: I'm going to ask for an extension on this paper.
a ) extra time you are given to pay money that you owe:
extension on: Will the bank give you an extension on the loan?
b ) extra time you are given to use a particular legal document or right:
a visa extension
extension to: Brady wants a two-year extension to his contract.
2. ) count a telephone line that is one of several lines coming from a main line:
What's your extension?
I'm at extension 334.
a new extension number
3. ) count an extra room or rooms added to a building:
The company is building an extension onto the side of the factory.
extension to: Add a kitchen extension to your home.
a ) a part of a road or railroad line added to the existing one:
a proposed freeway extension
4. ) count something you add to a long thin object to make it able to reach somewhere:
This cord isn't long enough do you have an extension?
a ) extensions plural long pieces of artificial hair that can be fastened to someone's hair to make it look longer
5. ) count extension of something that develops from a particular custom, activity, idea, etc.:
Business entertainment seems a natural extension of Japan's gift-giving culture.
He sees local history as an extension of family history.
6. ) uncount TECHNICAL the action of stretching part of your body:
His leg was now capable of full extension.
7. ) singular or uncount an increase in the power of something:
extension of: the further extension of state control
8. ) uncount a set of courses provided by a college for people who are not able to go to classes at the college itself or are not able to go during the normal class times
9. ) count COMPUTING the last part of the name of a computer file . For example, EXE and DOC are extensions.
by extension
used for explaining that a particular person or thing is affected by something only because they are connected to what you have just mentioned:
She hates all businessmen and, by extension, me.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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